Croup Remedies

Croup can be stressful for parent and child.  The cough is alarming and the breathing is strained.  My oldest son woke up in the middle of the night a few months back with the typical “croup” cough.  It was midnight when he awoke from his sleep and I immediately administered these 3 remedies.  Within an hour he was settled back down and back to sleep.  No more “barking” cough.  The next morning he was 100% better.  I always start with aconite and luckily I had the other 2 remedies on hand.  The key is to catch it fast….the sooner the better!
Homeopaths have three croup remedies that have relieved this 
condition for more than 150 years–Aconite, Spongia tosta and Hepar 

First, give Aconite at the onset of croup.
Here the cough is dry, loud and barking and the child is exceedingly 
restless and anxious. If, after 
an hour, symptoms persist, give a second dose of Aconite. This is 
usually all that is needed.

“If, however, after another hour, your child’s breathing is harsh and 
hard and the barking, ringing cough continues and breathing is still not 
smooth and easy, give Hepar sulphuris.
Here the cough is loose and rattling and deeper toned.

  Rarely do we need more than Aconite in treating croup.

Spongia is the third remedy to have on hand and use at the onset of croup.

Source. Also a favorite book of mine.vv

There are also some wonderful natural cough syrups on the market that help with the symptoms of croup.  You can pick them up at your nearest health food store.

Essential Oils for  croup:

Diffuse these oils into the air or rub them directly onto chest and neck (carrier oil- coconut oil):





There are a few natural chest rubs that you can buy online or in the health food store.  Look for brands that include essential oils.  They work wonderfully.

If the symptoms get worse and not better, always contact your doctor.

Green Boot Girl

4 thoughts on “Croup Remedies

  1. Hi, i have just come accross your solution for croup, probably too late though! Once croup has started, ie. day 2 or 3, do any of these solutions help? Thank you

    • I would still give the remedies, just know that they are more of a support while the virus runs its course. They may shorten the duration a bit. I would give pulsatilla or chamomile also for clingy behavior while sick (for kids, babies). good luck!

      • There is also a great syrup called CHESTAL that you can pick up at CVS or the health food store. It is a homeopathic cough syrup and it works great w/ any cough. We use that one a lot around here.

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