Benefits of Lacto-fermented Foods

I always read at night before I go to bed.  Tonight I was skimming through Nourishing Traditions and the fermented vegetables and fruits section caught my eye.  We are eating more and more lacto-fermented foods everyday.  It is interesting…the more lacto-fermented foods I eat the more my body craves them.  I guess we can have healthy cravings too.  Some great examples of lacto-fermented foods are pickled ginger, salsa, pickled cucumbers, picked pearl onions, sauerkraut, ginger carrots, mustard, ketchup, etc.  My goal is to home make these condiments and side dishes.  All of these recipes call for whey, which is the ingredient that lacto-ferments the fruit or vegetable.  The vital ingredient.  Here are some benefits of lacto-fermented foods from Nourishing Traditions.

1. Normalize the acidity of the stomach

2. Stimulates the acid producing gland of the stomach- if stomach acidity is insufficient

3. Helps break down proteins

4. Aids in assimilation of iron

5. Activates the secretions of the pancreas- which is important for diabetics

6. Sauerkraut contains large amounts of choline- substance that lowers blood pressure and regulates the passage of nutrients into the blood

7. Choline aids body in the metabolism of fats

8. Recommended for constipation

I see an overall improvement in my health as I consume more lacto-fermented foods and beverages.  I feel better.  I have more energy.  I can keep up with my boys- which is not easy.

Here are a few ways to eat more fermented foods.

~Green Boot Girl

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