Natural Child Birth . . . Here I come!

It is an honor to be in the final stages of my 4th pregnancy.


There was a time when doctors told us we would never have kids, so I feel each child is truly a miracle.  As I enter these final weeks, it is time to mentally prepare!  Life is pretty busy with 3 elementary aged kids, 100 goats, 25 chickens, 4 bunnies, 2 dogs, 1 duck, 3 donkeys (etc!)  I have survived by pretending that this new baby would never come.  But when the baby starts kicking your ribs, there is just no pretending anymore.

Pregnancy 1)  Hospital Birth/ Male Doctors/Epideral/Almost C-section

Pregnancy 2) Hospital Birth/Midwives/Inducement/Lots of Screaming/No epideral

Pregnancy 3) Home Birth/Midwives

Pregnancy 4) Hospital Birth/ Female Doctor/ **hopefully no medical intrusions**

Each experience is a little different.  My choice has always been natural child birth, and the realization of that choice depends on my preparation and the cooperation of the wonderful little baby growing inside me!  What are my favorite tools to survive this stage?

1) Prim Rose oil capsules (help with dialation and effacement)  (See

2) A magnesium based drink (like “Natural Calm”).  Helps regulate my system to prevent constipation and it calms an irritable uterus!  (See


3)  During this pregnancy, I added Surero Viv (a cultured whey pregnancy drink) from Beyond Organic.  It is really helping with the reduction of swelling (it’s really nice to be 9 months pregnant and not swollen!) (  I drink one in the evening for my dinner.  It totally fills me up, and then I do not have to deal with the indigestion that comes from eating a big dinner.  The baby in my tummy really really likes these drinks–and she always reacts when I drink it.  It also is very refreshing and takes away the desperate feeling dehydrated feeling.  (I have a feeling that these drinks will come in handy when I’m nursing too!)


4) Paraliminals (Anxiety Free, Perfect Health, and Deep Relaxation) (from  These help me mentally prepare.  I listen to one of them every night as I prepare for labor and delivery.  During my home birt,h I had the Deep Relaxation CD playing in the room.  If I work to train my brain to relax before the labor pains kick in, then it really helps me stay in control during labor.  I love the “double talk” component of each session.  It makes each listening session unique and different.  They are created by an expert in neuro linguistic programming.  He knows what areas of the brain must be triggered to find relaxation.  These CD’s have been life savors for me!  My husband just found my box of paraliminals–and it was like welcoming home an old friend!  I am excited to start the mental preparation phase of this pregnancy!!!!


5) Some sort of sleep aid.  My sanity depends on a deep sleep!  I have always worked with my medical professionasl to find something to help me sleep during the last stages of pregnancy.  Whether it’s a bubble bath, Benadryl, or a natural supplement–I tend to prioritize sleep!  The Paraliminals help me sleep too– so that’s nice to get a double benefit.   I was hoping to avoid Benadryl/Tylennol PM this pregnancy and go with a more natural choice.  ( See–so far this pregnancy I have not struggled with sleep–so we will see what happens during the next 4 weeks.

4 thoughts on “Natural Child Birth . . . Here I come!

  1. I understand….just wish the insurance co. Would wake up and realize they can pay a midwife 4-6000$ for a full pregnancy and delivery or 20000 to a hospital and ob! Seems like a no-brainer for an industry fueled by saving money!

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