The Chicken Coop is Here

The chicken coop arrived a few days ago.  We were very excited because the inside bathroom was starting to smell pretty bad.  We had about 15 chicks inside the bathroom for a week.  Sometimes the bathroom sounded like the bird aviary at Busch Gardens.  There is one black chick that is particularly loud and in charge.  She is definitely the boss.  Our favorite chick is a pure light yellow one.  She looks like the standard easter egg chick.  She is pretty and very small.

The chicks love their new home.  They stay up in the top part at night for warmth and run up and down the ramp during the day.  It is cute to see them scratch the dirt looking for little bugs to eat.  They are acting like older hens.  They sometimes get excited and start  flying around the coop.  It is fun to watch.  They kids love watching them.  The other day my 4 year old asked me if we could move to the farm.  I asked him why and he said “I want to have chickens, donkeys, cows, and horses at my house”.  I said well we live really close to the farm, and he said “But that is not good enough.  I want them at my house”.  Sorry bud- not going to happen anytime soon.  For now, I am just glad we have the farm close by.

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