Boys chasing goats

We were up at the Inverness Farm this weekend.  The Inverness farm is 700 acres and there is plenty of room for my energetic boys to run around.  It has been a few months since Grant has been around the goat herd, so he was excited.  Luckily, Barrett (his cousin) was available to keep him company.  He is a 4 year old goat expert.  He has been raised around goats and is very comfortable playing out in the fields with them.  When Grant was 1-2 years old we had a few goats, but since moving to the city, he does not remember that time and was a little nervous at first.  This herd is over 100 goats, a mix of nubians and boer goats.  One of our first goats, Klondike, is still in the herd and is one of the friendliest of the group.  The “kids” (baby goats) are so beautiful and fun to watch.  It was Grant’s goal to catch a baby, but I am pretty sure they did not accomplish it.  Usually I am out in the herd running with the boys, but this time I wanted to video them.  Love these moment.


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