Natural headache relief.

Homeopathy is all about the details.  This may be one of the reasons I love it so much.  It works with my detail oriented mind.  Headaches can be from all sorts of things.  A headache for me may be totally different than a headache for my husband.  Homeopathy considers these details when suggesting a remedy.  It is very different than the medical approach.

What kind of headache do you get?

Headache (cause):

~too much exposure to the heat : ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM 9C

~a cold bath: ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM 9C

~catching cold: BELLADONNA 9C

~a haircut: BELLADONNA 9C

~constipation: BRYONIA ALBA 9C

~intellectual overwork: CALCAREA PHOSPORICA 9C

~cold and wet water: DULCAMARA 9C

~sunburn: GLONOINUM 9C

~strong odors: IGNATIA AMARA 9C

~menopause: LACHESIS 9C

~missing a meal: LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM 9C


~overeating: NUX VOMICA 9C

~muscle fatigue: RHUS TOXICODENDRON 9C

Location of pain:

~at the top of head: CIMICIFUGA RACEMOSA 9C

~in the temples: BELLADONNA 9C

~right half of head: BELLADONNA 9C


~above the right eye: SANGUINARIA CANADENSIS 9C

~above the left eye: SPIGELIA ANTHELMIA 9C

~entire left half of head: SPIGELIA ANTHELMIA 9C

These symptoms are definitely getting specific.  The more specific the better.  I did not include all the symptoms, just a generalized idea.  Most headaches cover one of these symptoms (the headaches that are not chronic and not serious).  I also start with 30 C, but the book I am referencing: THE FAMILY GUIDE TO HOMEOPATHY by Alain Horvilleur MD recommends 9C.  Either way, if you are looking for a natural remedy for a headache, one of these may be worth a try.

A few other natural headache reliefs: peppermint oil on temples, massage, acupuncture.


Remember, these are just suggestions, not medical advice. Disclaimer



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