Raw Milk Icee


Since doing the Raw Milk Cure a few weeks ago, I learned a lot about my health.  I felt great limiting carbs and only drinking raw milk packed with healthy fats and proteins. As a result, I have really tried to drink a big glass of raw milk whenever I feel fatigued or drained.  It works great each time.  My energy is quickly restored along with my physical and mental stamina.   Raw milk has become my new energy drink.  Kind of funny.  So I am constantly trying to come up with recipes to make my raw milk a little more exciting.  This is one experiment:

I like the mild flavor of the icee.  It is very refreshing in the morning or after a hard workout.  It gives me that boost of protein and energy I need.  This recipe is more like a frappuccino w/o the coffee.  No coffee, just a little chocolate.

Here goes.


8 ounces raw milk (or whole milk~it needs to be creamy)

6-8 pieces of ice

1 T Honey

1 T organic chocolate syrup

~or any sweeteners that you prefer

Blend for 20 seconds.  Very good!

I have already had 2 today.  One for breakfast and one after my workout.  My favorite energy drink.

~Kaley’s Kitchen


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