Country French Toast

French Toast is an all time favorite in my family.  I make it for special occasions just like my mother always did.  Today is a day that calls for french toast.  My niece Addie was born this morning at 6:30 am and so this is a very special day!  I was so excited when I got the call this morning.  I love little newborn babies.  They are sweet and pure.  A little piece of heaven on earth.

Here is my recipe.

Ingredients: (makes 8 french toasts)

~4 pastured eggs

~1 cup raw milk (I like my french toast less “eggy” )

~bread (organic or best available)

~1 T vanilla


~organic maple syrup

Turn on stove or skillet to medium and start warming up pan.  Whisk eggs, milk, and vanilla in a medium sized bowl (big enough to dip a piece of bread).  Whisk it up very well- this is an important part.  We want the mixture to be a solid light yellow color.  Put a generous amount of butter on skillet.  Dip bread lightly in batter and place on skillet.

Flip bread when ready.

This is how I like mine to look.  Add butter to the top of french toast and move to plate.  Add syrup to your liking.  This is our favorite syrup.

These are so good! Happy birthday Adelaide! We had a nice time celebrating this morning.  Welcome to this beautiful world 🙂


Kaley’s Kitchen



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