My Love of Babies

Anyone that knows me well, knows how much I LOVE babies.  I could hold a little baby all day.  I love the smell of babies, their little noises, their pure beauty, their sweet spirits…I love everything about them.  They are precious in every way.  Even though I am not a big fan of pregnancy and childbirth, I do love the end result.  If only I could just snatch other people’s cute babies and take them home with me, then I would be very happy.

When I was a little girl I planned on having 99 children.  Pretty funny huh? I even had a list of all of the names of my 99 children~ including middle names.    I don’t remember why I picked 99 and not 100, seems like an odd number.  But I guess the whole thing is a little funny.  Right?  I wish I still had that list, because it seems much harder to name my “real”children.  Here are some pictures of my brand new niece Adelaide.

Isn’t she so adorable? I finally met her today.  She is 3 days old and just a little bundle of love.

She is perfect in every way.  I love watching her sleep.  She is so peaceful.

Here is a great website that sells organic swaddling blankets.  If you love swaddling your babies, like I do… you may like these blankets.  They look awesome!

~Green Boot Girl

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