No Sugar Challenge (Day 2)

I was going to wait a few days to write a post, but today was SUPER hard for me.  Why was today so much harder than yesterday?  I’m not too sure.  I could really tell a difference in my mood~ in a negative way.  I was super cranky with the kids, low energy, and felt depressed.  This is not like me to feel depressed- I mean really depressed.  It is weird and annoying for me.  I want to tell myself to snap out of it, but it seems like it is coming from somewhere deeper.  I hate feeling this way.  I was even complaining to my husband about how bad my life is and he says, “it’s because of the full moon” and I just start laughing because I realize that this is part of my sugar die-off.  My body is detoxing.  I guess I have to get over the sugar hump.

The other thing is, I am still eating fruit, so I thought that the die off would not be so bad.  But I have to remember that I also cut out gluten.  And I think my brain is going haywire….like a drug addict or something.  Where are my drugs ~ gluten and sugar???? One thing that has helped me get through the cravings, a big glass of milk.  The protein really helps stabilize my blood sugar.  So I guess if you are feeling really bad, like me, try to increase your healthy saturated fats, eggs, milk, yogurt, meat, cheese.  I will be eating more of these foods tomorrow.

So much for day 2.  I am glad this day is over!  I hope I am not the only feeling this way…. please others chime in.

I can do it. I can do it. I can do it.

What did I eat today?

Breakfast: 1 cup milk and banana

Snack: 1 avocado, organic/GMO free corn chips

Lunch: Baked fresh water Bass w/ onions, garlic powder, butter; cucumbers

Snack: 1 cup milk

Dinner: Smoothie: Banana, strawberries, milk, plain homemade matsoni yogurt

Snack: Cheese

I don’t think I am eating enough.  Hence the crankiness.  I will see if that helps tomorrow.


~Green Boot Girl

2 thoughts on “No Sugar Challenge (Day 2)

  1. Green boot girl, maybe you need more calories. SOmetimes I think mom’s under-estimate how much we burn running around the house, cooking meals, washing dishes, cleaning. I want one of those bodybugg (is that what they are called) things just to know what I really am burning when I’m working hard, like on a monday getting the house back in order. I’m having a really hard time just maintaining my weight. I want to know what I can eat with out the fear of gaining weight or the over-emphasis on dieting…

    totally digressed, anyways when I was eating healthy I was suprised at how gross sugar tasted. it was hard at first, but I was suprised that even an orange could be overly sweet for my changed taste buds. i strawberry was the perfect amount of sweets. A cookie tasted disgusting!!

    where was i going with that??? oh ya, maybe sugar really is a drug, and as with any drug – and if you are away from it too long it is just too plain sugary. maybe that should be my goal, not focusing on eliminating sugar, but on getting my tastebuds used to a healthy level of sweets (from fruits in their natural form)

    • That is a great goal suz. Moderation is always the best thing. You are right about not eating enough calories. I think I was majorly low for the day even though I didn’t “feel” hungry. Looks like I have to stay on top of it or something. One reason I have kept fruit in the game…. is to get my taste bud craving fruit, not my fav choc chip cookies. keep going girl 🙂

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