Homemade Fruit leather (w/ applesauce)

My friend Lisa from Going Green Tampa gave me a tip for making fruit leather.  She has used organic applesauce in the past with great success! You can imagine my excitement when hearing this.  I just happened to have a few organic cinnamon applesauces in the pantry.  After my failed attempt at making homemade fruit leather a few days ago, here goes round two.  And guess what?  This time is it was a success.  There is a little learning curve for these sorts of things, or maybe I am just more of a novice than I thought.


4 cup applesauces (cinnamon tasted very good)

Turn oven to lowest temperature.  Mine is 170 degrees.  Leave oven a little open to let the moisture out.  Spread applesauce evenly on parchment paper (on baking pan).  Place in oven for 3-5  hours or until it is a fruit roll-up consistency.  Cut into strips w/ parchment paper and roll.  Enjoy.

I should have made more because these were gone in a few minutes.  Very good!

~Kaley’s Kitchen

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