Flu. Fever. Grief. Food Poisoning. Teething. Colds.

Remedies for Specific Situations and Acute Illnesses

Kali-bichromicum. Number one remedy for sinus infections.

Chamomilla. Number one remedy for teething.

Ignatia. Number one remedy for acute grief or emotional shock.

Belladonna. Number one remedy for high fever.

Aconite. Number one remedy for nipping a cold in the bud, especially if onset is precipitated by a cold, dry wind, or a fright or shock.  Useful when illness comes on very suddenly.

 Gelsemium. Number one remedy for the flu. Extreme prostration and weakness, shivering up and down the spine, trembling, aching muscles, heaviness of head and eyes.

Eupatorium. Another important flu remedy, especially if characterized by extreme aching in the bones, as if they were broken.

Arsenicum Album. Number one remedy for food poisoning.  Also useful for the flu.  Patient is anxious and restless and does not want to be left alone. Fear of death. Worse between midnight and 3am.  Thirst for frequent sips of water.

~Green Boot Girl

3 thoughts on “Flu. Fever. Grief. Food Poisoning. Teething. Colds.

    • Usually you start at 30 C, you can follow the directions on the bottle….. 3 times a day. I dose the remedies more often if it is a serious case though. These remedies are in pellet form…HTH!

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