White Sands Beach, Tampa (FL)

My son had his end of the year school party at a Lake Carroll.  It is a beautiful lake with a beach entrance.  This sandy beach is called White Sands Beach.  It is a fresh water lake and there are very nice houses everywhere.  The kids had a pizza party and played in the water for a few hours.  I think this is a great place to have a party- a very easy clean-up! There were about 20 kids and 12 adults, even Grant’s teacher decided to stop by.  It was lots of fun!


There was lots of swimming, little fish swimming all around, and even some boating going on.  The kids LOVED watching other kids wake boarding.  They were cheering them on from the shore.  Now Grant says he wants to get a boat and go really fast.  That’s my little florida boy!


We will be coming back to this spot very soon!  If you live near Tampa and have little kids~ it is worth a visit.  Great time!


  ~ The Florida Beach Bums

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