Real Food Ideas for pre-school pick up.

Now that both my boys are in school my life is busy and hectic.  They are dropped off at different times and on different days, sometimes I feel crazy!  It is well worth it!  I love the few hours all to myself, 3 days a week.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys, but mommy needs a break too!  And it’s not like I am sitting on my bum watching tv or sleeping in (I wish!).  What has been great about this schedule?  I feel like I am getting ahead!  This is huge for moms w/ little kids.  My house is a little cleaner and my food planning is a little better.  One thing for sure- it is much QUIETER 🙂 Quietude, where have you been for 4 years???Jk.

Sorry I got a little sidetracked.  Pickup is around noon for both boys.  The school is about 30 minutes from my home and they are super hungry when they get in the car (maybe because they are fed goldfish, cookies, and juice for snacks 😦 not healthy or filling) and I am trying to come up with real food ideas for the car.  I don’t want to make a big mess, so my options are somewhat limited.  So far I have tried the following:

1. organic cheddar cheese slices (I want protein to be one of the first things they eat after having their school sugar high)

2. organic grapes

3. organic apple slices (already peeled)

4. organic granola bars (a little too much sugar)

5. I have attempted grilled cheese w/ millet bread (but that has to be really planned in advance)

6. water (of course)

7. my boys will not eat plain nuts or trail mix (so that is out)

8.  my boys are not big raw vegetable eaters (they do eat them cooked w/ meals)

My question to my readers w/ or w/o kids~ any other great suggestions?  Sometimes we all need a little more inspiration.

Thanks in advance~

Green Boot Girl

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