Real Food Menu Plan (Day 2)

Wow.  It is only 8:30 pm and I am already tired! I think there is something to cooking real food all day.  Maybe it is all the cleaning up.  I had to do my dishwasher twice yesterday.  That was a first.  Looks like I will be doing that again tonight!  Today was a super busy day.  I had to do some major food preparation the night before.  Remember I said leftovers are a big part of real food.  You will see some leftovers in my menu plan for today.


1 cup plain yogurt (boys)

1 cup milk and slice of Banana Blueberry Bread

Green Tea w/ Honey (me)

Lunch: Greek Salad, Apple, Banana, 1 Glass of Whole Milk

Boys: Grassfed, Organic hotdog (less than 5 ingredients) and ketchup, sliced apples, Chocolate Milk

Dinner:  Homemade Yellow Rice and Shredded Chicken, small salad

Dessert: Boys: Chocolate Ice Cream (less than 5 ingredients)

The dinner was delicious.  The hard work and effort paid off.  I used the left-over shredded chicken from last nights dinner and I still have a little shredded chicken left.   I have lots of homemade yellow rice and chicken left over for for tomorrow’s lunch.  You can really save $$$$ when you stretch your meals!  On to DAY 3 of REAL FOOD.

~Green Boot Girl

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