Real Food Menu (Day 3)

Just finishing Day 3 of my Real Food challenge.  Today was much easier that yesterday!  I am halfway done with Step 1 of my Bee Healthy Challenge.  I am usually not such an organized meal planner, so this part has already taught me a lot.  I am sticking to it and not quitting.  I think about quitting sometimes (like when I am tired from all the cooking :).  I have all these “organic” snacks in the pantry that I put up real high, and sometimes I just want to pull one down.  But I haven’t yet!! I am proud.


Me: Organic Herbal Tea w/ Honey, Plain Yogurt w/ Maple Syrup

Boys: Chocolate Milk (whole & organic), yogurt w/ fruit, millet toast w/ butter



Boys: Homemade Yellow Rice and Chicken, Cheddar Cheese slices, grapes

Me & Husband: Leftovers from last night~ and so good! The salad dressing is even better the 2nd day.

One thing here, I didn’t let the boys have ANY snacks (even healthy ones) between lunch and dinner.  I think that is why they ate ALL of their dinner.  Even my picky eater.  🙂  I read this tip in French Kids eat Everything.  LOVE this book! A must read.


(This picture is not that great- sorry! I am tired!)

Boys and Me: Quinoa Hamburgers.  Sliced tomatoes.  Greek Salad (you are probably getting tired of seeing this salad!).  It is still good 🙂

Dessert: Bowl of Chocolate Ice Cream.  Boys: Slice of Banana Bread.

Eating Real Food is not difficult!  Simple and Tasty.  Even though I am a little tired from all the work, I know I am doing the healthiest thing for my family.  That makes it worth it!

~Green Boot Girl

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