Real Food Menu (Day 4)

Another day closer to my goal~ 7 days of Real Food.  I am starting this post in the morning because both boys are at school right now.  This helps me have a little quiet time to plan and prepare our meal for today.  Last night I went ahead and prepared breakfast for today.  I am not a morning person (just ask my husband)! I wish that would change somehow.  I think I just need to get to bed earlier, but that is tough for my personality.  I am a night owl.


Boys and Me: Egg Muffins  (prepared last night and I just popped them in the oven this morning to heat up).

Me: Herbal Tea w/ honey


Boys: 5 minute Bread, Hamburger Rice, Sliced Apple.


Boys and Me: Hamburger Rice, Broccoli Dish

Dessert: Chocolate Ice Cream and chocolate chips

My menus may be simple, but they are REAL FOOD! I like to keep my meal plans uncomplicated and nutritious, because everything else in life can be so hectic…the boys schedules, bills, home repairs, church, driving, after school activities etc.  We can’t let food take a back seat.  Seems like the easy thing to let slide sometimes, but we must still make it a priority.  That is what Step 1 is about in my BEE Healthy Challenge.  Make Real Food a priority!

~Green Boot Girl

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