Real Food Menu (Day 6)

The weekends can be tough for REAL FOODIES.  Make sure you have whole real foods that you love~ all around.  Cook something unique or fun.  That can make eating exciting!  For our little family I kept it simple again.  We are trying to eat real food on a budget.  Sometimes creativity takes a back seat to practicality.  But if you can afford it, then eat a variety of real food.  That keeps your food FUN.

My husband let me sleep in this morning.  That is the BEST present! I love waking up late and listening to the boys playing downstairs with their Dad.  They are 3 little peas in a pod.  I am the one usually left out on the boy fun.  He ended up feeding them breakfast.  I love having a break from my motherly responsibilities on Saturdays.


Boys: Millet toast w/ butter.  Egg muffins.  Yogurt.

Me: Yogurt w/ maple syrup.


Boys and Me: 3 cup chicken over rice.  Pineapple slices.


Boys and Me: leftovers from lunch. Pumpkin Muffins.

Nice and easy dinner when using leftovers.  Especially when the leftovers are REALLY good.  Eating real food on a budget uses a lot of leftovers.  After my 7 days of Real Food challenge is over, my more creative cooking will be back.  I am trying to feed my family on as little money as possible this week.  So far so good.  I am going to calculate the cost at the end of the challenge.

On to the last day of my Real Food Challenge!


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