Grassfed Meat pickup

I received and email a few days ago from Utah Natural Meat mentioning this little bit of information:

“We are excited to announce that these are NO CORN / NO SOY chickens. This will be our first group of birds that we have raised without the use of those two grains. They have also been grass fed through the winter months by using barley sprouts from our greenhouse.

These come packaged as whole chickens and are priced at $4.00/lb. Availability is limited, but we will have more chicken on a regular basis beginning in June.

Chicken heart, liver, neck and feet will also be available for $4.00/bag.”

So awesome!!! I have moved to Utah just in time.  We love baked and roasted chicken… and I have not cooked chicken during the 8 weeks we have lived here.  You can just imagine my relief and excitement to find such a high quality local farmer.

So I arrived at the farm early today …. 10 minutes before they opened their farm hours (from 2-5pm) and there was already a line outside the door.


I was around # 15 in the line and before they even opened (10 minutes later) there was another 20 people behind me! Crazy.  So glad I drove out early.  The parking lot was flooded.


I stepped in and quickly grabbed 5 whole chickens, 2 dozen eggs, and 1 gallon of raw milk.


The eggs I selected are $7.00 a dozen and are also corn and soy free.  Usually they are sold out by the time I get to the farm.  Not today!!


The checkout line wrapped around the whole store.  There were about 50 people in line while I was inside.  This place was BUSY.


Now that the snow has melted I think I will bring the boys next time to check out all the farm animals.  They have over 100 hundred chickens (at least it seemed like it) and they are free-ranging.  The boys LOVE chickens and love watching them roam.  This is a very family friendly environment and the farmers greet and talk to everyone.

On the way out… just remember.



Until next time.



3 thoughts on “Grassfed Meat pickup

  1. HI where in Utah do you live? I live in San Diego but if I had an opportunity to live on a farm I wouldn’t hesitate

      • this is so awesome!! congrats on such a great find…tender mercies are everywhere! Sure hope some day Lakeside ranches will have accomplished all the same all natural status!

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