Cough Remedies


Cough Remedies are important for every holistic medicine cabinet.  My youngest son (3 yrs old) woke up at around 11 pm last night with a barking cough.  Every parent dreads the sound! You instantly know it’s going to be a long night.  Sleep goes right out the window…. and it sure did for me.  I immediately brought him into my bed and began to comfort him.  He has an intense personality and he HATES being sick… especially if it involves a cough.  Within 10 minutes of being in my bed he turned into a big baby.  So many tears.  He was really scared.  He wears his emotions on his sleeve and he has a LOUD cry.  He kept saying “Mommy there is something wrong with my voice.”  I just kept telling him he was going to be ok.  He needed lots of snuggles and comfort.  After the initial shock of him getting sick, my natural healing gears switched right on.

Croup is an easily treated acute illness.  Just for full disclosure…. my son does not suffer from any form of asthma, so those cases may be more difficult to treat.  I would still give natural remedies a shot, but monitor the child more carefully and if there is any hesitation or worsening of symptoms promptly take them to see a doctor.

The #1 recommended homeopathic remedy for Croup is ACONITE 30C.  My preferred brand is Boiron and amazon is always much cheaper than the health food stores (little tip) .

First, give Aconite at the onset of croup.
Here the cough is dry, loud and barking and the child is exceedingly 
restless and anxious. If, after 
an hour, symptoms persist, give a second dose of Aconite. This is 
usually all that is needed.

Luckily, I had a few tablets of Aconite 30 C.  Within 30 minutes he was calm and doing much better.  I did repeat the dosing 3 times over 30 minutes.  The coughing attacks quickly stopped within that time frame.

“If, however, after another hour, your child’s breathing is harsh and 
hard and the barking, ringing cough continues and breathing is still not 
smooth and easy, give Hepar sulphuris.
Here the cough is loose and rattling and deeper toned.

  Rarely do we need more than Aconite in treating croup.

Spongia is the third remedy to have on hand and use at the onset of croup.

The natural cough syrup I love and use all the time included the 2 other homeopathic remedies for croup.  I had my bases covered.  Even my VERY picky 3 year old willingly drinks this, and he usually refuses most medicines.

It did take about 2 hours for him to really feel better.  From 11pm- 2 am he was up playing a few Ipad games.  I have too really force them to settle down and relax even when they are sick.  He finally fell asleep at around 2 am.  I was so ready for bed! By the morning he was not 100 percent better, but around 80 percent.  I kept him home from school and let him rest even more.  I really believe in slowing things down when you get sick.

I absolutely LOVE the Breathe essential oil from DoTerra


(I am not a dealer, but you can buy it on Amazon).  This is my favorite essential oil combination for anything related to upper respiratory issues.  My humidifier was not working for some reason last night, so I rubbed it on his chest and his feet.  It is also very relaxing.  Tonight he will have the Breathe Blend in the humidifier… just to play it safe.  The Breathe Blend is also helpful in treating:

  • Asthma, Bronchitis, Colds, Coughs, Congestion, Croup, Mucus
  • Pneumonia, Respiratory Infections

I just LOVE this remedy for coughs and congestion.  I usually start the humidifier at the onset of illness, and I notice a big difference in duration of the illness (usually shortens it by a day or two).  Just my own findings.  Cool mist air is known to help specifically with Croup, so if you have a cool mist humidifier plug it in!

Here are the specific Essential Oils used for  croup (you can make your own blend): Diffuse these oils into the air or rub them directly onto chest and neck (carrier oil- coconut oil):




Here is my little Garrett in the middle of the night…..after his coughing attacks (and his natural remedies).


Calm and content.

Also, don’t forget to take your fermented cod liver oil, or increase the dose a little while sick.  I have been lazy the last few days and the dinner dose of fermented cod liver oil was skipped (confession).  Way to go GreenBootGirl!

After any acute illness, it is important to have proper rest and proper nutrition.  Consistency is necessary and difficult especially with the stubborn personalities, like my second child (the sick one).  It is not easy, but in the end it makes for a faster recovery.  We must try our best.  I am a little tired and exhausted tonight, but that is part of mothering little ones!

In happiness and health,



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