Pony Ride

Pony Rides are a favorite for my boys.  My parents were in town a few weeks ago.  It was a lot of fun!  We decided to take  the boys to Thanksgiving Point Farm Country.  There is a petting zoo, wagon ride, and a pony ride.  The boys really loved the pony ride.  They wanted to go over and over again.  I had to explain to them that at this farm we could only ride the pony once (we are not at the Florida Farms).  That was the hardest part about the experience.  Garrett screamed when he had to get off the pony.  He was VERY dramatic!

Here is the sweet Garrett before the Scream.


So proud.  In his element.

Here is Grant very happy too.


Grant handled the disappointment of only getting 1 pony ride much better than his 3-year-old brother.  I couldn’t help but laugh when Garrett was screaming.  Most children were screaming because the had to RIDE the pony, and there is my little guy screaming because he had to get off.  I just handed him to my Dad and he took over.  I totally walked away from that disaster!!

Looking back, I am grateful that my boys love animals, especially horses.  Grant and Garrett ask me almost everyday, “Mom we going to the farm today?” I didn’t realize it then (while living in Florida) how impressionable our farm trips were to both of them.  I am glad they remember.  We will always have horses in our lives one way or another.  Looks like it’s in the family for good:

PicMonkey Collage3

3 generations: Opa, John (Dad), and the boys (technically Garrett and Grant are on a donkey :))

There are great physical and psychological health benefits from riding horses.

“Horseback riding is a great form of exercise which has both cardiovascular and muscle conditioning benefits. Although it may seem as though the rider is not engaging in any physical exercise, an hour’s activity can burn similar calories to that of a 30-minute jog or cycle ride. Therefore, all the health benefits associated with engaging in regular cardiovascular exercise are gained.” Source.


“Horseback riding is recognized as having excellent therapeutic qualities. The psychological benefits can be of equal importance to riders as the physical benefits.

Simply being out and about and enjoying the great outdoors will boost your general wellbeing and act as a great stress buster. There is a real sense of exhalation and freedom when you ride, a feeling that is second to none.” Source.

Like I said, I am glad the boys like to ride horses, ponies, donkeys, and even goats sometimes.  Just happy they are outdoors playing like little boys should be.


Horse Therapy for Children

Grant and Oreo 

Pony Care

Grant’s First Pony Ride


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