Salt Lake Hikes

We did a spontaneous Salt Lake Hike last night.  Last minute salt lake hikes are the best…. not much planning involved.  We live 3 miles aways from Mill Creek Canyon, so we hopped in the car and headed towards the mountain.  The hike is about 2 miles up and great for advanced beginners.  I wouldn’t call my 5 and 3-year-old advanced beginners, but we decided to tackle the challenge.   Garrett tuckered out quickly and he was put in the hiking backpack.  Good thing we brought it along and even better that my strong husband can carry a 40 pound 3-year-old!  I sure can’t.


I love the solitude of the mountains.


We stopped along the way to look at bugs and spiders.  Grant loves little creepy crawlers.

photo-5 photo-9

Mommy and Grant had some nice alone time.  We kept encouraging each other to keep on going.  We both felt like quitting a few times.  We sang songs and told stories to pass the time.


We made it to the trail marker and we were all pretty happy about that.  Just a little longer!


We just kept climbing.

photo-3 photo

We stopped to take pictures and drink water.  Thank goodness we brought our water hiking backpack! It saved us.


Here is Grant at the very top.  We made it!

photo-7 photo-6

Here we are overlooking the valley.  It was really exhilarating.  I enjoyed our family hike up Pipeline Trail and hope to do it again very soon.

How did we get down the mountain?  We pretty much ran down…. it was fun.  Grant is super fast like his Daddy.


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