Essential Oils for Muscle Aches and Pains


Muscle aches can really slow down your workout routine.  Do essential oils help with muscle aches? The answer is Yes!  Strained muscles can cause pain and in some cases the inability to move without trembling as the muscles struggle to contract.  Normal activities are now painful.  Rest is the best remedy, followed by hot bath and massage.  If pain continues to be a problem you may have an injury (check with your doctor).  You may also ice the area to reduce swelling and pain which is caused by inflammation.

Add these essential oils to a hot bath to help with inflammation and swelling.

Essential Oils for Bath

Soak for as long as possible.

3 drops marjoram

2 drops of lemon

Afterwards, massage with the following oil:

Massage Oil for Strained Muscles:

6 drops of Eucalyptus

6 drops of Peppermint

6 drops of Ginger

Diluted in 1 TBSP coconut, jojoba, olive oil

Other great natural remedies for muscle pain: Arnica gel, arnica cream, magnesium oil, and magnesium lotion.


Find Therapeutic Essential Oils here —->

Reference: The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

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