Moving to Alpine, Ut


We are moving again tomorrow morning.  We have really enjoyed the charm and convenience of Millcreek Township nestled in the southeast part of Salt Lake City, Ut.  We will miss so many wonderful things about city living.

Things we will miss about Salt Lake City:

Unique Restaurants

Natural History Museum


Farmer’s Market

Wheeler Farm

Health Food Stores

Canyon Skiing

The University


The Tennis Club

Black Diamond Climbing Center


Trader Joe’s

Whole Foods


Water Aerobics

Fun Neighbors

Alpine, Utah about 35 minutes south of Salt Lake City. Alpine is at the base of the Wasatch Mountain Range at 5,000 feet elevation. It’s beautiful country, surrounded by mountains.


Things we are looking forward to about Alpine, Ut

Big yard (almost an acre)

American Fork Canyon

Timpanogos Cave

Hiking/ Fishing

Farming Communities

Little pygmy goats

Having chickens again

Lots of room to run (boys)

Slow paced living

Alpine Loop

Camping/ Biking

Double oven

Granite countertops

Starting over is always hard.  I keep telling John that we are not moving again for 2 years.  Hopefully Alpine, Ut is a great place to raise a family and we are happy with our decision to move.  I will post pictures soon about our new adventures!



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