Farm Life

What we are up to on the Florida Farms:

1. Brooksville Farm

2. Catching a Baby Goat is not easy

3. Benefits of calcium in egg shells

4. Grant and Oreo (shetland pony)

5. The girls singing and riding their Ponies

6. Boys chasing goats

7. Pony Care

8. Grant’s First Pony Ride

9. How a 10 year old trains a horse

10. Corn Husking

11. Little Boys raiding the chicken coop

12. Nubian goats for pets

13.  Is this a rooster?

14. Horse Therapy for Behavioral Disorder

15. Visiting Lakeside Ranch before we move

16. St. Patrick’s Day Pony Ride

17. Chick Update

18. 4-H Carriage Ride

19. 2 year old training baby donkey

20. Boys and their tractors

21. Toddler Donkey Love

22. Our Donkey Willie

23. Horse Driving

24. Boys riding horses

25. Little Boys need space

26. New chicks

27. Donkey Play



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